Our Team

William H Wilkerson AKA (Capt Bill)


Bill has been in the sportfishing business for 36+ years starting in Santa Monica, California as a deckhand on a half-day boat during the summers. At the age of 16, William moved to San Diego where he became a deadhead on the sport boat San Diego with Bob Williams, Tom Ebner, and Roy Rose, before joining the crew of Mascot 6 out of H&M Landing where he worked for two years. He then joined the owner-operator, Ray Sobieck, onboard the Producer, where for the next 14 seasons he honed his skills as deck boss. During that 14-year span with the Producer, William became one of three African American Captains in San Diego. He ran as a second operator for four years, learning all facets of the business from how to run a successful sportfishing operation to providing the best customer service possible. don’t take his word for it come and see for yourself!

Peyton Freeman

Deck Hand

Peyton is 20 was born and raised in California, he has been with the Malihini for 3 years now and has a wealth of fishing knowledge fishing up and down the southern California coast, and southern California lakes. Peyton brings his A-game to ensure you have a great experience. his personal touch to your experience on the Malihini is second to none.

Chris hartwig AKA ( muskie killer )


Chris is 29 and was born in the city of Cleveland Ohio. Fishing all his life he grew up in the city of Eastlake. The city island’s last stop. Perched on top one of 5 Great Lakes, the treacherous Lake Erie. His father throughout his entire life has always had a boat. Teaching Chris the ways of fishing for Walleye, Yellow perch, and Steelhead Trout. It’s no wonder that he found Captain Bill and became part of the Malihini family. Fishing is his life and spreading that joy to you is at his highest priority. Chris invites you to come to join us and meet the crew, for a most memorable day of fishing aboard the Malihini.

Nick Noyes

Cook – Deck Hand

31 years old and born and raised in Las Vegas. Fishing has always been a big part of his life for over a decade – I’ve done family fishing trips and multiple charters through the years to get out of the desert heat. I have been a member of Teamster 631 in Las Vegas since I was 18 years old, so when COVID hit and all our work stopped, it forced him to think outside of the box. Fishing and San Diego have always been a combination of two of his favorite things in life to do, so when the opportunity to work on a fishing boat, he took it! He has been in the Malihini since March 2020 and thought it would be a temporary thing until work picked up in Vegas, but I learned you have to do what you love! He enjoys meeting everyone that comes aboard and making their fishing charter experience the best it can be. I am thankful that Captain Bill took a chance on me and has been teaching me the ropes of the industry for the past two years.